I was all set to write today’s blog, until I saw a headline reviewing The 17 Day Diet. Rrrrrrt! Change of plan… Once again, leading doctors and nutritionists have spoken: successful weight loss should be based on eating healthy foods in reasonable portions; limiting sugars, alcohol, and refined starches; and getting plenty of exercise. In their expert eyes, The 17 Day Diet falls short in its beginning by requiring limits and restrictions on certain fruits and vegetables.

Thank you experts! Randy and I, both, tried The 17 Day Diet and couldn’t agree more. Truly, the above medical advice is the base line we follow for our good health. Oh, we have tried a few diet trends. But in the end we always agree, “Let’s just stick to eating healthy and exercising.”

Randy and I may agree with the experts, but that’s not to say that The 17 Day Diet is a flop. We did learn some new and valuable information we’ve added to our eating habits (probiotic yogurt is awesome for you, but that’s another blog). Let me tell you a little about this diet and our experience on it…

The 17 Day Diet is Doctor Michael Moreno’s strategy for rapid weight loss. It’s based on 3 cycles, each lasting 17 days, plus a 4th long-term maintenance cycle. Moreno claims whether it’s 10 pounds or 100 pounds, this plan can help you lose weight quickly, avoid the dreaded plateaus, and revamp your metabolism.

Cycle 1 is what Dr. Moreno calls the “accelerate cycle”: includes eating lots of lean protein, cleansing  vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, and low-sugar fruits such as berries and apples (no fruit after 2pm), healthy fats (olive oil, flaxseed oil), low-fat yogurt, water and green tea.

It prohibits many foods including most fast foods, fried foods, processed foods, starchy carbohydrates such as bagels, pasta, crackers and white bread, and fruits such as pineapple and bananas.

Moreno writes, “Most people can expect to lose 10 to 15 pounds during the first 17 days.” And I do think this is true for the most part, if those people have the will power to follow cycle 1 to the tee.

Randy and I started out on cycle 1 “ok,” but truthfully, we gave up after day 4. The menu was too restrictive. Both of us were physically tired and drained of energy. This was terrible, considering we have 2 little kids and a baby to keep up with. We were moody, even a little shaky sometimes (I think from low blood sugar). This had to be the result of lacking in calories and cutting too many healthy varieties of foods. It was obvious that this cycle wasn’t balanced nutritionally for us, and as a result, we caved.

Those 4 days were not without some success though. We did lose weight. I lost 4 pounds and Randy lost 2 1/2. But, 4 pounds in 4 days? That’s a pound a day and to what expense!?!

Needless to say, Randy and I did not move onto to experience the next 3 cycles. Kathleen M Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, an expert at WebMD, offers a detailed explanation of these cycles, how they work, and how to eat while following them, please see WebMD. I found her review to be very informative and on spot when describing the book.

Please check out the link provide above, read more information about the book, and decide for yourself if this diet is right for you. With some preparation and serious dedication, it really could help you lose weight quickly. I will give Dr. Moreno credit for addressing such willpower and other issues like emotional eating, portion control, and identifying food triggers.

the-17-day-diet-reviewAll in all, Randy and I do think if you are determined to lose weight fast and are mentally prepared for the rules of The 17 Day Diet accompanied with lots of support, you can lose weight and fast! For some of you, Dr. Moreno’s plan may fit. I cannot say we didn’t lose weight, and in all fairness, Randy and I did not see it through to the last cycle. Considering our 4 day experience, though, even with the success of losing weight, we still agree, “Let’s just stick to eating healthy and exercising.” 🙂


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