Are you Hungry For Change? Have you seen this FREE online documentary from the makers of Food Matters – one of our favorite food documentaries. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to set aside and hour and a half and watch it. It’s amazingly right, dead on right, backed by real science and just plain old good common sense. It’s only available for free online viewing for the next 8 days, so please, please do check it out. It can truly transform your life.

I watched Hungry For Change just as soon as it was released online and I have to tell you, I loved all of it. I was absolutely glued to my laptop literally carrying it with me all over the house, watching and listening while keeping the baby happy. It had me jumping up and down cheering and even crying a little bit too – shut up right now to my kids..they pick on me when I cry a lil…

Anyway! Hungry For Change:

The documentary begins on a note of understanding…really understanding the trouble people are facing when it comes to obesity and health. It’s creators point out that it isn’t the fault of the people. They reveal how much of the food in our country is more a “food like product” vs. the food we think it is. We learn how our culture has moved into a society of sitting workers living fast paced lifestyles with poor food choices readily available and with in reach all day. The trouble in the food industry combined with our daily schedules makes up a recipe for disaster when it comes to our health. As they say, “It’s not your fault.” Hungry For Change gets it, and now, it’s going to show you what to do about it…

Hungry For Change explains:

  • How we can move towards a natural diet of healthy, real food by focusing on adding in the good stuff vs. cutting out the bad stuff (I love, love this by the way).
  • How fat works in the body, the trouble with low fat diets, and why diets in general do not work.
  • How our bodies and health have been “under attack” by the thousands of chemicals and toxins in our world and how to detox with juicing! (Joe Cross is featured – I’m a big fan & love juicing! Jump up and CHEER! Sorry, way happy moment).
  • How to navigate a supermarket, choose healthy foods (even superfoods) and avoid unhealthy food additives.
  • And finally, how to over come food addictions, boost our confidence, look and feel younger, and truly learn to accept and love ourselves for who we are – wipe a tear…. Again, shut up to my kids…

One of my favorite lines in the movie, “You want a fast food diet? Get juicing!” – Jason Vale. Honestly, I loved this documentary so much, I could go on and on and on forrrreverrrrrrr… But, I’ll spare you all with a more in short closing. Hungry For Change WILL inspire you. You WILL learn things you didn’t know before. This documentary is filled with testimonials of real people who’ve reformed their health, health advice from gurus, expert knowledge from nutrtionists, and doctor’s backing it all up with hard core scientific PROOF. Hungry For Change is more than a health documentary, it’s a gift to you for a better life.

You don’t have to wake up in the morning feeling sore and groggy. You don’t have to feel run down in the afternoon, guzzle coffee, and hope to make it through the day. We don’t have to take it anymore… Carry your laptop around with you, like I did, and watch the movie online. You can pause it as much as you need too, just keep watching. You can totally fit this into your day some how, and in the end, you will be sooooo glad you did.

Are you Hungry For Change? I AM 🙂
I hope you watch the movie…I hope you share it with everyone you know…I’m hoping for everybody…

OK…. I’m still walking around cheering about this documentary – “YAY!” Did I mention it was good? LOL….. Oh I’m on a happy for health roll……………………………

The Official Hungry For Change Trailer