There are countless diets that come and go. Whether it’s the latest celebrity weight-loss regime or that ‘new super drug’ available from some shady internet company, we’ve all seen them. Some of us might have even tried them. But what about the DASH diet? It’s on a lot of people’s lips right now and seems to have been that way for the last couple of years. That’s why I’ve written this basic overview, to help give you an idea as to what exactly the DASH diet is, and answer a few of those burning questions you might have.

So, what exactly is it?

As you might have guessed, the word “DASH” actually stands for something. But what that is may surprise you a little – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. That’s right, the DASH diet was created to overcome high blood pressure – it wasn’t actually designed with weight-loss in mind at all. But the results of people who used the diet plan all pointed to one thing: It is actually a fantastic way to shed those pounds. So how does it work?

Unlike a lot of these fad diets and secret formulas you might find on the internet, the DASH diet is actually based around the core factors of weight-loss, those being:

  • Daily Exercise
  • Low Salt
  • High Fiber

Now that doesn’t sound like a big secret really, but that’s the beauty of it: The DASH diet is not a hidden weight-loss secret, it is not a way of tricking the body, and it has absolutely no gimmicks. It is quite simply a sensible diet plan, developed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) that works on the basis of providing your body with the right amount of the right nutrients: Namely potassium, calcium, protein and fiber.

Unlike many other diet plans, the DASH diet does not enforce strict regulations on what exactly you can put into your body; it is just a compilation of sensible guidelines suggesting ideas and ways of making sure your body gets exactly what it needs to stay healthy.

Why the DASH diet is so highly rated

One of the best parts about the DASH diet is the way it was formulated.

The problem with a lot of diet plans and weight-loss strategies, is that they are so focused on giving you the fastest way to lose weight. This means that more often than not, other health-related issues are put to one side and ignored, meaning that following such diets might drop your waistline, but you’ll suffer for it in other ways.

The most amazing thing about the DASH diet is that it was developed with the body’s health in mind. Weight-loss was not the main aim of the DASH diet. However, because of how good the guidelines and suggestions it contains are, not only do people who follow it reduce high blood pressure and reinforce many other key health points, but countless reports show that users also lose a significant amount of weight.

And that’s the reason it’s so highly rated: It’s a weight-loss plan that works, was developed by professionals, and has been proven to be 100% safe, and even good for the body in many other ways.

What works for one might not for another

The DASH diet is a comprehensive plan. It is a fantastic weight-loss strategy that was designed with the understanding of everybody’s bodies being different: What works for one person might not for another.

As such, the DASH diet guidelines actually give a specifically customized regime depending on your size, age and body weight, meaning that you will be following a plan that is designed especially to maximize your specific chances of success.

Why we recommend it

Not only does the DASH diet provide a good, healthy way of losing weight, but it has incredible success results. Sure it can be a tough diet to follow – as can any – but out of all the plans out there, it is certainly one of the best going. And the best thing? It’s a fairly cheap diet to follow. Having been endorsed by the National Institute of Health, plans and guidelines on how to follow it are provided free of charge.

  • A diet plan that works
  • A diet plan that is clear, simple and straightforward to follow
  • A diet plan that doesn’t risk other aspects of health

The bottom line is, if you want a genuine diet developed by healthcare professionals, the DASH diet is one that comes highly regarded and truly recommended.

Randy “The DASHing Dieter” Lee