Hey, it’s Wednesday, have you had your hemp seeds today? News flash people: Wednesday is changing from “Hump Day” to “Hemp Day!” What? “That can never be!” You say… Now come on, come on… Don’t say, “No way, we all love Hump Day!” I know, I know… We allll do. But… What if I told you that hemping could lead to better humping? Would you care then? Ahh haaa, I have your attention now… You guys are so easy, lol…

Now just for the record, and to ease any question including my Mother’s soon to follow interrogation (kidding Mom), the hemp that’s flooding the market is not what you think it is. Nooo, it’s not the THC laden happy, hippy, stoner hemp you’re thinking of. Today’s on the market hemp seeds are virtually stoner free, having only a trace of THC barely detectable in lab tests. It’s safe for all you concerned folks. And to the rest of you thinking of buying bags in bulk, sorry, it won’t leave you feeling “baked” after ingesting a ton in any way shape or form, lol….

So what’s the deal with hemp? Lots… Lots and Lots and Lots! It’s totally, like for sure a super plant indeed, and I’m loving it! Who’d have ever thought that I’d have my Randy graduated to THC free hemp, LOL! Those of our friends who knew us in high school will appreciate this shake in the Earth’s crust and will probably get a good laugh as a bonus… My Randy, he was a real quiet, chillllllled out kinda guy, lol….

Seriously now though, hemp is making its presence known, and I’m sure it’s going to be a huge hit to stay – not some kind of flash in the pan fad or such. Health food gurus are talking about it, celebs are into it, and I’m running into it out and about shopping. I recently ran into a display on the front shelves of our local health food store and stopped in near disbelief. I think I might have even whispered, “What the XXXX?” (blush) I do believe it went like that though….

Anyway, I read on the bag,  Foods Alive, toasted Hemp Seeds, saltedalong with the USDA ORGANIC stamp. I look on the back to read all about how hemp seeds are “packed with Fiber, Protein, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Manganese, Omega-3 and the rare Omega-6 GLA. I’m not very familiar with Omega-6 GLA, but I know it’s good for your heart and brain, so…. I’ll have to make a mental note to read more about it.

The nutritional values of hemp seeds are appealing as well:

  • Serving size = 2 Tbsp (44 grams)
  • Calories =  77
  • Total fat = 5 grams
  •      Saturated fat is less than 1 gram
  •      Polyunsaturated fat 3.75 grams
  •      Monounsaturated fat .5 grams
  • Cholesterol = zero
  • Sodium = 40 mg (if this bag was unsalted I’m sure it would be almost none)
  • Potassium = 110 mg
  • Total carbohydrates = 4 grams
  •      Dietary fiber 4 grams
  •      Sugars zero
  • Protein = 3.6 grams

In addition to the minerals and nutrients named above, hemp seeds are also a Gluten Free good source of Copper, Riboflavin, Phosphorus, Thiamin (B1) along with an ok amount of Niacin. Now we’re talking some good weed, I mean seed, here duuuude! Lol, sorry I had to. I’m eating my hemp as I write and in just a really feel good kinda mood. 🙂

Great nutrition isn’t all that hemp seeds have to offer either. They are so versatile these days, it’s almost unbelievable:

Did you know that they are making hemp milk now? I didn’t. They finely grind up the seed into a powder and add water. Voila – a dairy free, nutritious alternative.

And because they can make hemp milk, they can also make hemp ice cream. Why, they’re even making hemp butter too! I have to try the ice cream and will be searching for it in stores…

Hemp protein powder is another new wonder hitting natural health food stores and becoming popular among celebrities. It’s said that the beautiful Charlize Theron has added hemp to her diet to keep her gorgeous glow luminous and lush. Seriously, if this is so like the commentators at this year’s Golden Globe Awards stated, then I’m going to pack in the hemp seeds! Damn that girl is hot – just sayin, lol… Smoothie anyone?

And, I just have to try hemp seed oil! The oil is extracted from the seed and said to be fantastic for making salad dressings (I eat a lot of salads these days) as well as it makes an excellent moisturizer for skin.

Certainly we all know, too, that hemp has long been used to make clothing, ropes, nets and more! It is so versatile and useful and nutritious, it’s mind boggling we don’t grow more. Which leads me to the environment…

Did you know that growing it is more economic and better for the soil than trees? A farmer can grow, cut, and regrow hemp plants waaaaay much faster (seriously its a lot) than a tree farmer ever could. And let’s talk about corn… Corn actually depletes the soil of important nutrients that should be a part of our food, but not HEMP! Hemp adds nutrients to the soil = fantastic, fertile soil!

Now, I’m not going to get into a huge rant about why our country grows tons of corn and how much I hate Monsanto, or even how much is wasted on cutting trees compared to growing hemp. That’s a post for Randy to tackle on another day. This post is more so about convincing all of you why hemp seed is so groovy good for you and to get you motivated to try it. Really you must try it. I have been eating the seeds plain, on salads and in a few cereals. But you could, also, add it to baked goods, yogurt, pastas, soups, dips, and so much more! It has a great texture too. It has a soft, popping, pleasant crunch that reminds me of Pop Rocks kind of crossed with popcorn having a more sunflower seed flavor – that quite the description ey?

I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried it, you just HAVE too. But be careful, you could wind up addicted to it like I am and looking for other ways to enjoy hemp. It’s awesome!

Now what do you think? Can we change Wednesday to “Hemp Day?” After all, it’s true, you will be humping better if you are healthier. Remember, hemp seeds are filled with a lot of those good, heart healthy, brain healthy nutrients. A healthy heart contributes to better sex – we all know it does…. So…..?

Hey folks, I had to try – whatever it takes to get you in the hemp mood with me. 😉
Happy soon to be Hemp Day! Or… Happy Humping Hemp Day, or Happy Hemping Day? – I like that one, lol…
Amy ~ The Hemptress

P.S. I love Hemp 😀