Good morning juice fast day 1! I can’t believe I’m going for another round. At the end of my last juice fast, and even two weeks past, I was sure I would never do another one, at least under the same circumstances as my first juice fast. But this time, I have different motivators driving me. I think this may be what I was missing from my first juice fast… I’m excited!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll tell you that I under went my first juice fast out of pure curiosity and a hope for more energy – not very good motivators as I found out. It wound up to be a “cat’s curiosity” type situation, well, not that bad I guess, I didn’t die or even come close, lol… Still, it kinda sucked you know, not having more to drive me through the day. Now, things are a little bit different.

This time around, I’d like to lose a little holiday weight I put on, not much, just 5 lbs or so. But more over, I’m striving to get my body into better shape for some pretty heavy fitness goals I’m striving to reach for this year. I really believe this juice fast will help clean and polish up my cells, rid me of the unfortunately returned pinching in my lower spine, soften any stiff joints or muscles improving my flexibility, and over all increasing my energy to put my body to the test. Really, I have some cool to me goals I want to meet, and I think this is the best way to start…

Morning Check In:

  • Body Fat – 18.2%
  • Weight – 131 lbs – Lean 107.16 lbs – Fat 23.84 lbs
  • BMI – 21.3

Nightly Assesment:

  • Headaches – Very mild headache in early afternoon, but gone by dinner time
  • Sleep – Have not slept yet, but hoping for a good night
  • Energy – Ok, not tired or draggin in anyway, I feel pretty good actually
  • Joint pain – My lower back is still pinched up and the left side of my back is seized for compensating, hoping this fast will help correct it
  • Stamina – Feels good, though, have not worked out yet to protect my back
  • Motivation – Pretty good
  • Hunger – Feeling no hunger out of the ordinary, I would like to munchy, munchy some though

So far so good today. It is now, however, only the afternoon. I woke this morning feeling great about my plans, and believe it or not, I’m still feeling good about my decision to fast again. The real deal will come for me tonight at dinner. Dinner time was the worst time last go round! Lol… It’s the prepping, and cooking, and no longer nibbling that is hard to get through. I hope that now that I know what I’m in for, this time will go over a bit nicer – yeah right! …OK…it IS going to go over a LOT nicer! There, now that’s better. 🙂

I’m going to do some yoga, yoga, and more yoga for now. The baby is sleeping. He’s a yoga hazard you know. 😉 I’ll be checking back in after the dinner hour to report back. There are NO snarling sabers in my kitchen, oh no! 🙂 ……………………………………………

Dinner went surprisingly well. I’m thinking that because this is my second time around fasting, I’m better able to handle what’s in store for me with cooking dinner and such. I’m actually feeling quiet pleased about how well it went and am strongly encouraged. I’m going to work hard to keep this positive momentum going through the next few days. I remember day 3 was the worst for me last time…

I’m very sure it’s helping to have walked the unknown once already. Embarking on a 10 day juice fast is much less scary a second time around.

Cheers for now and much good luck to the rest of you all fasting!