It’s back to school this morning for the kids and back to almost normal for the baby and I today. It’s like coming out of the storm = ahhh. I woke very early again this morning, about 5:30 am. Doing a juice fast reboot has a way of getting me up early. This is one benefit that is stand out when fasting – the energy.

While juice fasting, I can go all day, fall asleep easily, stay asleep all night (unless the Viking baby barks), and wake refreshed in the morning, unless a cow kicks me in the head. But, the effects of that hoof to head never lasts. Today, I feel really good, even awesome.

My skin and hair shows it too. My skin is very clear and a bit brighter, makes my big Polish nose stand out like a shiny beacon, lol… My hair is back on track too, well at least my scalp is. I’ve been training my scalp to be not so oily over the past few years. I took some advice from my hairdresser to not wash it everyday – you know like our grandmothers did, mine still does.  Anyway regardless of my efforts, every now and then, my hair will go through these bouts of wanting to be oily and stubborn. I’m sure now it’s due to nutrition, according to it’s reaction after juice fasting. In all, it’s true what they say when it comes to juicing, “Your skin will glow, your eyes will be brighter, and your hair will shine.” This look reminds me of when I was pregnant and devoted consistently to eating right and taking prenatal vitamins. Now, I have that pregnancy glow with out the pregnancy = good for Randy’s heart, lol… 5 children is enough for us especially considering our 4th grand-daughter is coming along in June. 🙂

Onto the morning numbers…

Morning Juice Fast Reboot Check In:

  • Body Fat – 15.4 %
  • Weight – 121.6 lbs – Lean 102.88 lbs – Fat 18.72 lbs
  • BMI – 19.8

Nightly Juice Fast Reboot Assessment:

  • Headaches – No headaches today 🙂
  • Sleep – Good sleep and up early again
  • Energy – Even more energy today and it’s lasting into the evening
  • Joint pain – Still great and holding their own since my previous reboot/fast. I had one bout of soreness in my lower back, and I’m sure this is due to bending wrong over a few vegetable buckets while planting. But, the next morning I woke with NO pain – normally the pain would last 3 – 4 days.
  • Stamina – Very, very good
  • Motivation – Strong
  • Hunger – Having more bouts of hunger today, and drinking more juice to accommodate.

I think my body has gone into a bit of muscle building mode to compensate for the physical activity I’ve been up to for the past few days. I’ve noticed that since day 5, my lean mass has been increasing steadily which is a good thing. I’m sure this is why my hunger is piping up and shouting “feed the need,” lol… OR, I could just be completely wrong about the whole thing… I don’t feel so, though, which is why I’ve decided to end my reboot today at lunchtime with Maddox.

I talked it over some with Randy. Actually, I’ve been talking much over the coarse of this fast about what is the appropriate amount of days to juice fast for a reboot. I started out with an intention to fast for 10 days like I  have in the past. But now, I feel it’s a bit over kill…at least for me it does. I’m beginning to think that for this reboot, 5 – 7 days would have been appropriate. Let me explain a little…

When I went on my first juice fast back in August 2011, I wanted to satisfy a curiosity for juice fasting and learn a few things about myself. I achieved that to a degree. Then, 10 days was appropriate I think, because it forced me to pay more attention to my eating habits, cravings, hunger, and how my emotions and environment affected such. Then, I was much more unaware how much life around me affected what I put in my mouth AND how much my internal self perpetuated things like not so healthy habits. I remember telling Randy when I decided to fast, “It really shouldn’t be that hard for me; food isn’t that important to me…” OMG how wrong and nieve I  was… Ha ha haaaa….Take it all away goyel, and then you’ll see how smart you are……. After ending that fast, my first bite of food was multigrain chips……

My second juice fast I wanted to lose a little holiday weight and focus more on what true hunger was. I achieved both and learned waaaaaaay more than I did from my first fast. My first fast, I was far too focused on the “starving saber” inside which is in no way conducive to learning anything… Lol, well, except snarling… I needed 10 full days to discover the difference between a craving and actually being hungry, and I learned that cravings can cause false hunger too. Just looking at something I find delish can make my stomach ache… But it isn’t real… My second fast was the most educational experience I could have done for myself in the way of good nutrition. After ending that fast, my first bite of food was baked fish and roasted vegetables.

This last juice fast or reboot, I guess it’s more of a reboot, I wanted merely to detox a bit from any indulgences I had over our “Season of the Birthdays” and kickstart another, “Hey, keep it on track” for myself. I felt that it wasn’t as hard to go without food and found myself forgetting to drink more juice. Now, I’m much more focused on life around me vs. what I put in my mouth, and 10 days started to feel like over kill. I’m not trying to fight a food addiction or lose much weight, just reboot my system and my brain to keep my soul headed in the right direction for me. I think 7 days was enough, and when I do another reboot this summer, I think 5 should do the trick even better. As long as I don’t go nutz or something and eat like I haven’t a care during the in-between… You know what I mean. As long as I’m still eating my GOMBS and sticking to a consistent healthy diet, I’ll be alright.

One thing I want to add. This past juice fast, I started out juicing almost all non organic vegetables. Hey, sometimes organic just isn’t in the budget. By the 3rd day into it though, I told Randy budget or not, I’m buying the organic. After two glasses of pure organic juice, I could feel the energy coming back. Now, this doesn’t make a pattern, I know…and it could be all in my head, but………I really don’t think so. I really, truly, don’t think so. Which, also, leads me to believe that I could reboot my system in 3 – 5 days if every ounce of juice I took in was organic. Truly, there was a difference… Anyone else experience something similar, or has the juice made me nutty?

And lastly but soooo most importantly, I want to draw back on the final day of my second time around and remind those out there who are considering responsible juice fasting:

  • Don’t take a juice fast lightly. Do some research, have a plan, keep a journal, and have support.
  • Ease up to your fast. Transition slowly get off of caffeine and other processed foods the week or more before. It decreases withdrawals.
  • Keep a positive attitude any way you can. Do whatever it takes. Then your fast WILL be better. :)
  • Do NOT, give in to cravings or quit during an emotional moment (something I learned and love from Amy H.). Wait until the moment has passed to make any decisions – so important.
  • Pay attention to your hunger signals, and ask yourself if you are really hungry or just craving a certain food. Cravings cause unjustified hunger!
  • Have a lifestyle plan for post juice fast and give it as much dedication as you did your fast.
  • Have fun with recipes; juice in a little lemon or herbs, add in some gelatinous foods like chia powder to help detoxify, and add in some powdered super foods like spirulina (Thanks Simmy!).
  • Most of all, don’t take on a juice fast just because you want to lose weight. Juice fasting is NOT about weight loss. Juice fasting is about being healthy both inside and out. Like I said before, a juice fast can be a journey you take to achieve better over all health – think body, mind, spirit. Nourish all 3.

Thanks to everybody for reading and your support. I look forward to comments while fasting, they help so much. I feel the saber with in is resting peacefully now…
And to all of my juicy friends out there: Here’s to your health ~ NOSTROVIA!
Amy 🙂

PS. After ending this last juice fast, my first bite of food was the raw spinach and other vegetables I planned on juicing in the first place. I feel my saber is resting peacefully now…