Juice fast reboot Day 5 was good at 4:00 am. I woke in bed with no headache. I looked at the clock and thought, “It’s just waaay to early to be up.” Juicing has a way of getting me up very early in the morning. Sooo, in an attempt not to disturb anyone, I decided to grab my cell next to the bed and do a little pinning on pinterest – I know, hopelessly addicted! I dosed back off thinking, “a little more sleep will be good, ahhhh…”

Juice fast day 5 at 7:00 am is a bitch! WTH? Super mad-cow found it’s way out of the pasture again… Damn cow = horrible headache again to the back of the head. I wonder if it’s the detoxing or the way I sleep. I’ve been crowding pillows for safety in case the baby Viking finds his way into our bed. Is it too much to ask for a woman to be left to her slumber? Errrt, stupid question – duh… Maybe, the headache was penance for pinning too many sweets this morning, hahahahahaaa……yeah that MUST be it!

I didn’t have to crawl into the kitchen, but look what I found staring back at me when I entered…


I found this coincidentally ironic and humorous all at the same time. Funny…the saber and I had a moment, lol…

Morning Juice Fast Reboot Check In:

  • Body Fat – 15.9 %
  • Weight – 120.4 lbs – Lean 101.26 lbs – Fat 19.14 lbs
  • BMI – 19.6

Weight is still dropping, which is a little weird…maybe I need to slow down a bit during the day. Yeah right, THAT’S gonna happen, lol…. Time to beef up the juice. 😉

Nightly Juice Fast Reboot Assessment:

  • Headaches – Woke with no headache, then later with a huge-o headache
  • Sleep – Good sleep and up very early again – 4 am
  • Energy – Still going strong
  • Joint pain – Still great and holding their own since my previous reboot/juice fast
  • Stamina – Holding up well
  • Motivation – Strong
  • Hunger – I’m really not hungry today and the juice seems to be satisfying

Check out my lunch for today. Looks pretty good huh? 🙂


Alright… Lunch time has come and gone and I’m heading into the dinner hour. For some reason today, right now, I’m like really hungry… I think it’s time to brave the dark green, ominous bag of smelly spirulina. 😉

Spirulina powder

Two tiny little teaspoons… Looks pretty rich, eh? It smells of the heaviest of green smells I’ve ever smelled, and we’ve had A LOT of vegetables go through this kitchen the many past months… I’m gonna add a half glass of water to drink it down. I want to brave the spirulina by itself before I start adding it here or there in my juices.

spirulina shot

Good Loooooord is it strong! Lol… No doubt about it, spirulina has to be good for a body, otherwise people just wouldn’t drink it, not like this anyway, lol… Tastes like the pasture mixed with a mouthful of the hay loft (farm peeps will get that)…. Wow, sorry…. I have just no other way to describe the taste. From now on, I’m going to add this mean green to a mix, eh hem…for sure! 😉

Watch for a future post about all the good stuff spirulina can offer. I’d jot it down here, but that would make for a waaaaay to long post.

On to…

My Juice Fast Diet For Today:

  • 7:00 am 12 oz. water with two tsp. of wheat grass powder
  • 8:00 am 12 oz. Hawaiian Sunrise
  • 9:30 am 12 oz. water
  • 11:45 am 12 oz. water w/ 3 Tbsp. chia powder
  • 12:00pm  10 oz. Hawaiian Sunrise
  • 1:15 am 12 oz. water
  • 1:40 pm 10 oz. V-Gr8 – I added 1 whole bunch of parsley to the recipe. It was good (parsley is filled with good stuff for cleansing).
  • 4:30 pm 2 tsp spirulina with 5 oz. water
  • 4:31 pm 6 oz. orange juice chaser (gag)
  • 5:30 pm 6 oz. orange juice w/ 3 Tbsp chia powder
  • 6:30 pm 12 oz. Tasty Tangy Kale
  • 8:30 pm 12 oz. V-Gr8

Total juice = 68 oz. + 2 tsp wheat grass powder + 6 Tbsp chia powder + 2 tsp spirulina powder
Water =  65 oz.

Altogether, my half way point of day 5 went pretty well. I only had one craving for pizza, and that’s only because we had it for dinner. I only had one bout of super hunger too…hmm… I think my previous juice fasts have served me well in the way of eating. I don’t think I need that stretched out full belly to feel satisfied anymore or a strong desire for sweets or my beloved crunchy munchies. I really think all the fresh, whole foods we’ve been adding to our daily diet, especially all the raw vegetables and salads we’ve been eating is turning my taste buds around permanently. It feels good. I like it. It’s the GOMBS! 😀

I can’t believe I’m half way through this reboot already. This juice fast is going by fast!
May the GOMBS be with you all,