Day one of my juice fast has been a pleasant surprise. For those of you who are new to the site, let me fill you in a bit. Not too long ago, Randy and I watched a moving, even life changing documentary called “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.” It’s about a man named Joe Cross who is affected by a terrible auto immune disease. After seeing multiple doctors with no soultion to his problem, Joe decides to cure himself, by taking in massive amounts of raw vegeatable and fruit nutrients.

Instead of trying to force piles of produce into his already bulging belly, Joe decides to squeeze all these nutrients into a glass by juicing his fresh, organic produce. Over the next 60 days, Joe drinks nothing but his juice and ultimately cures not only himself, but inspires others to improve their health as well. Are there side effects? Yes. Weight loss…

After watching “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead,” Randy wondered if a juice fast, similar to Joe’s would benefit him as well. He had been suffering with fatigue and headaches for sometime. 1 day later we bought a juicer, a pile of fresh produce, and started juicing. The very next day Randy began his juice fast. It started out rough for Randy, but he ended with great results. Now he has more energy and no headaches, and if I might add, getting to be a bit of a pain always bouncing around happy like and such – I’m used to a more dark side of Daddy – lol!

With this in mind, I figure I should try to keep up with the good energy Randy is putting out and give my own juice fast a try. I am 362 days away from turning 40 after all, but who’s counting right – lol! Generally, I am very energetic and busy, and Randy compares me to a humming  bird that never lands. I am a stay at home machine mom as I like to call it and run a pretty tight ship. OF COURSE I would love to add more energy to my day… I can only imagine how much I would get done!

Then there is the curious side of me that wants to try a juice fast just to see what would or could happen, especially considering that I am the primary cook and care giver in the house. Not eating food on my own is one thing, but not eating and having to cook and feed others adds a whole new challenge to the fast. I am curious to see how a juice fast would affect those of us in charge of the domestic side of our daily lives… Thus let it begin:

Amy’s Juice Fast – Day 1

Morning check in:

  • Body Fat – 17.8%
  • Weight – 125 lbs – Lean 102.75 lbs – Fat 22.25 lbs
  • BMI – 20.3

Nightly Assessment:

  • Headaches – None
  • Sleep – We’ll see what tonight brings
  • Energy – Surprisingly high energy all day, then pooped out about 10 pm
  • Joint pain – No back pain, no muscle soreness (I have a previous back injury that can be, well…a pain)
  • Stamina – Have not worked out yet
  • Motivation – Ok so far
  • Hunger – Feeling full, but not satisfied full. More like water logged full. Hard to explain. I would love to munch or graze on something for the most part.

Day 1 started out well. I woke up, drank my Hawaiian Sunrise and felt good. I had weaned myself off any caffeine earlier in the week, so I didn’t experience any withdraw there. About an hour later, I had my second drink and literally felt buzzing. It’s similar to that feeling of having a string tied around your finger until it turns purple, and when the string is released, you feel this rush of blood into your finger. Funny, but it felt just like that.

I stayed very energetic through out the whole day. I do believe that Randy going through the juice fast first helped us learn from a few mistakes – I always have a steady flow of juice never letting myself get too hungry, I’m drinking plenty of water, and I make sure to have a bit of fruits here and there to prevent dramatic drops in blood sugar. Seems simple and good enough, yes?

Then came time to cook dinner… I did all right feeding the kids breakfast and lunch, but dinner… Dinner is my habitual time to snack, munch, and graze. I taste everything as I’m cooking and before it touches the table. It’s how i learned to cook for gawdsakes! Consequently, I was poo-pooing the fast and griping a little. Sitting at the dinner table with the family and feeding the baby was not bad, but I surely missed my grazing.

Nighttime wasn’t much better. I desperately wanted to snack on just a little something. A flippen cracker would have been nice, just a little one… I busied myself with juicing for the next day, though, which helped.

Interestingly, I learned how much of a grazer I am and how dependent I am on it mentally. I’m not a big eater when it comes to the actual meal. Watching my family eat dinner in front of me didn’t bother me at all. It is obvious to me now, though, how much I love to literally eat on the run.  It makes sense for a hummingbird I guess…

Signing off for tonight and wondering what juice fast day two will bring…

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