Throughout our lives together countless people have told Amy and I that we should write a book. We seem to have a knack for stumbling through life and doing things in ways that make for entertaining stories over a couple beers. Like this one time in Tijuana when we were drinking Tequila and this guys asks us… oh wait, we better stick to the health stuff for now!

Anyway, one of the more interesting stories has always been about my dramatic weight loss, what we went through as a family to get me back in shape and keep the whole family healthy. That experience and the lessons we learned along the way were the inspiration for our little health website.

We always thought that we had enough helpful information posted, that if some smart cookie came along and helped organize things, it would make a pretty good book. Well, we must have thought about it long and hard enough because the Universe lined up the pins for us and sent Kevin Gao to our site and impressed him enough to contact us.

Who is Kevin Gao? That’s what we wondered too. Well, it turns out he is the cofounder and CEO of Hyperink which is a new kind of digital book publisher. We weren’t familiar with Hyperink, but it didn’t take long to find out that they are on to an interesting idea for quickly and inexpensively creating eBooks that are extremely useful for people in specific niches.  We found some press on Hyperink at Forbes and TechCrunch and even bought a couple books to check out the quality of products. We were quiet impressed.

The prospect of writing and getting a regular book published always seemed pretty daunting, so we just kept it in that “would be cool, but never really gonna happen” category. However, Kevin and his team have come up with and interesting way of taking the pain out of the process and after a few e-mails back and forth, we are on our way to having a book with our names on it… Sweet!

So far from the rough drafts that we’ve seen and been working on, Hyperink is doing a stellar job helping organize and format our hodgepodge of articles into a useful piece of literature that we will all be proud of. When we first started working on this, we were just excited to see one of our “pipe dreams” becoming a reality, but now that we can see it’s actually going to be a high quality product, we’re getting really excited to get it out there and see the response from people!

Don’t get me wrong, we always believe we put out good info, but getting it all organized and laid out properly gives it the polish it needs to be a real asset for anyone who is looking for a little help losing weight or just staying healthy in this world of indulgence we live in. So far, it covers everything from our story and how we got started to our natural weight loss plan to juice fasting, super-foods, recipes and more.

The finished product should be ready in the next few weeks and will be available on Hyperink, Kindle, Nook, iBookstore and Createspace.

Click the link below and you will be notified when it’s ready and get 50% off the purchase price.

Health Actually & Hyperink Book Launch

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