About Us (Amy and Randy)

We are a 40ish, middle class American couple with 5 children, 1 daughter in-law, and 3 grandchildren.  Randy works as a Network Security Admin and Web Developer, so I can stay at home. We struggle sometimes with 1 income, but we think it’s worth it.

How we came to creating Health-Actually was inevitable. Just over 10 years ago, when I met Randy again for the second time (there’s a story there too), he was a workaholic. His motto was, “Eating is a nuisance and sleep is a waste of time.” It showed by his empty cupboards and dark eye circles.

I, coming from a strong Northern Wisconsin Polish background, was raised to show love with food – more butter, more sugar, sausage, Pierogi etc… It didn’t take long for me to start showering Randy with 3 full meals a day, desserts, and treats. Randy having a sweet tooth made it too easy to feed my “need to feed” him… It was as easy as this:

Randy + Amy = BIG FAT RANDY

Over the course of 4 years, I steadily fattened him up to well over 300lbs!!!

Then Randy started having chest pains, so he went to the doctor. Bad news… He was a young 30ish man with sorta high LDL (bad) cholesterol and EXTREMELY low (good) HDL cholesterol. They put him at high risk for heart attack. It was scary, especially considering we had 4 children in the house at that time. I was literally loving my husband to death… not good at all.

Soooooooooo… we had to make a change, both of us. I had to cook healthier foods. Only… I had Randy terribly spoiled with treats… I knew there was NO WAY he was going to eat salad and drink diet soda (yet) – I believe it went something like, “I’m not eating that f#$%!@g crap!”

With that in mind, we took it slow – really, really slow. I started changing the menu one food at a time… swapping out hamburger for ground turkey, and then switching out the butter for vegetable spreads (my mother still can’t believe I left behind the beloved butter). Soon, Randy traded his favorite Little Debbie late night snack for a small bowl of cereal…..it was changing, just not overnight (he looked so cute sitting with his little bowl of Captain Crunch).

Randy started working in the yard more, playing outside with the kids more. Then, he started doing a few pushups…trying out the weights…. After some time, he worked his way up to running a bit, then joining a gym.

It took about 2 years. Randy lost over 120lbs, and his cholesterol is healthy. He runs 5 to 10K 4 times a week and hits the weights pretty hard. We have reconstructed the way we eat and THINK about food. AND, it wasn’t painful. (Haha! Randy even switched to diet soda)

People ask all the time, “How did you do it?” And we give them the short version: EAT LESS, MOVE MORE, DON’T DIET.

There are no tricks to it, no special diets to follow or some voodoo gimmick that will make the pounds disappear…. No magic pill… And as Randy and I learned more about living healthy, the sneaky people with all their promises really started to stand out… There were so many of them too – all with promises to make you thin and beautiful if you just pay their price. To us, this just became more and more infuriating, watching people pray on others with lies.

Thus, the creation of Health-Actually. This is the place where Randy and I hope to share everything we did to change, products that we tried, exercise that worked, and how we fit it into our bursting at the seams family. Our goal: To make your life better by offering you the long version of how we did it.

And honestly, that’s it – Amy